Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's Get It Started...

...with this worthless piece of shit again. The break was nice. Not that I really needed it. I have nothing noteworthy to say on most occasions. And it's likely to continue. But let's get this shit rolling downhill.

  • It seems there's some sort of fire ravaging the countryside in California. Everyone seems to be invoking the name of the Federal Government to come save their asses. Used to be when people were subjected to trials and tribulations they invoked the help of the almighty. Reckon times have changed. Nonetheless, I have no sympathy for anyone that lives out there. You knew the risks when you decided to build you multi million dollar home in an area that was subject to wildfires and drought. Quit asking the government/Fema for help. You should have known this was a possibility. Hope you have good homeowners policies. Some poor bitch was distraught that she forgot to gather up her cats before she evacuated. Wouldn't a game plan have been a good idea? Oh well, I'll survive.

  • I'm dismayed by the coverage by the MSM of this issue. If it were me, I'd just say that the poor citizens got fucked and let's move on. How much fire can one watch?

  • Seems the housing market shit the bed while I was away. Just another case of greed, pure and simple. Man can't worship Mammon, so sayeth the Lord. What goes round comes around. Good riddance. They say the American dream is to own a home. Guess that shit ain't true anymore. What in the hell happened to reading a contract anyways. If you see something in there that says that in two years your APR is going up by 13% doesn't that raise a flag of some sort? I'm just asking.

  • I've changed my appearance somewhat since I was here last time. Hope ya'll like it. It seems to fit, dontcha think?

  • Anyone know how AD and BabsRn are doing? I haven't read either of their blogs as of late, nor any, for that matter. But going to grab the links I noticed she changed hers again. Damned if her mind ain't contrary.

  • We are in what they call an "Extreme Drought" here in the southeast. As I speak it's raining, so that's a help. Actually have some thunder rumbling out there. Not that any rain we get today will make a significant impact on the deficit. But I was somewhat shocked when they said that the average individual uses 150 gallons of water a day. I'm no scientist nor mathematician, but I do know that there are 32 ounces to a quart, and four quarts to a gallon. I used to spray deadly chemicals onto turf where any type of mixup could wreak havoc. So I'm familiar with a gallon. In my universe, I might use 20 gallons a day, at most. And that would be on days that I do laundry. On others, given my skinny ass, I might use ten, at best. Whom these fuckers are that use 150 gallons a day must be aliens of some sort. Or spend 8 hours in the shower.

    But, I'm doing my part to conserve water. I quit brushing my teeth. I only flush my urine when it gets to the point that when I walk in the bathroom it smells like a baby's diaper(yeah, you know that smell), I turn on the shower and let it run for two minutes with the drain closed and then do my thing. I run the dishwasher once a week and until then I eat off dirty plates.

    Of course, the environazis are claiming that this drought and the fires in California are the result of global warming. Bullshit, I say. It is what it is.

  • Speaking of titties, which we weren't, but we are now, I've noticed a rash of women in the media coming out proclaiming their fight with breast cancer and how they've dealt with it. They give the typical response about how happy they are to be alive, how it's changed their life, and what not. And I guess I have to believe them. I reckon they wouldn't lie about it. And being a cancer patient myself, I kinda know how this shit works.

    I'll write more on this later, but I want to expound on this for a second. And I have done so in the past. Women claim they don't pay any attention to their boobs and they could well do without them. I again claim bullshit. I happen to love women; their smell, their mannerisms, their beguiling ways. But if you love the woman then you love the package.

    But to some women, tits are tits, and they want them, and the bigger the better. Walk down any beach and look at the bathing suits. What do most women accentuate? Yep. Point made.

    I gotta go. My brain is flooding with visions of titty meat.


Anonymous Joe in Texas said...

Glad to have you back.

3:05 AM  
Blogger GalacticallyStupid said...

Thanks Joe...not sure how long it will last, but we'll see.

1:10 PM  

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