Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Could Be Specific...

...about two people I happen to care very much about. For various reasons. They may seem puzzled as to why I do, but that's for another post.

They have both been hit this week with things that they shouldn't have to deal with, because in my heart of hearts, I know they don't deserve it. Do I play any part in either of them? Nope.

Do they bring said things upon themselves? Not for me to say. My intellect tells me no. It's more about control and how people use it to manipulate others. We are all suspect to the manipulation of others. It's the way of the world. Some may say it's more of a man-woman thing, but it works both ways. Why it happens befuckles my ass. I just like to offer my ear when they need to talk.

I have done so this weekend and will always continue to do so. Because I care, in a roundabout way. Life isn't about "ME". Or it shouldn't be. So B and B, if you need an ear, you always have mine.


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