Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So, There Was Another Request...

...for the faithful to offer up some ethereal mojo, which I am always glad to do, without some sort of renumeration, I might add. What? My mojo don't come cheap, and it's been honed.

What gladdens me about these situations is that regular, and REALLY profane, individuals turn to their equally as profane readers to turn things over to a deity that they really must have some doubt about, to change the course of how things might turn out. And the renegades always come through.

It's always been my contention that a "regular" person is much closer to God than a pious one. Having had some experience in this matter, I can verify it. We used to call it "garage keys". If you know what they are, you get good mojo. If not, you go to the back rung of the prayer rope.

Of course, being the intelligent theologians we are, we have to recognize that some poor fuckers don't get their prayers answered, and that pisses my ass off, because if you're astute enough to know what garage keys are, you deserve to be sustained by your supplications.

UPDATE: Just a question. If you had to go to a church or synagogue or mosque to offer these prayers for your irreverent friends, would you? It's easy to do it sitting a desk. Just curious.


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