Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gonna Be A Short Week...

...posting. But just a few tidbits that are rummaging around in the ole noggin.

  • What's with the people that wear shorts when it's 45 fucking degrees? Or 35. Hell, they do it when it's snowing. It's usually men. They trying to prove they have big balls? I'm all for machismo, but dammit man, put some levi's on. You're setting a really bad example for those of us that wrap ourselves in bear skin rugs and scarfs when it falls below 60. I would try it, but I'd have to wear leggings. I think that would be worse than Iran with nukes.

  • If you're a female anchor, and you have been generously endowed, wear a jacket. They usually do here where I live. But there is one local hottie that will occasionally wear just a pullover. Not a good idea. We all know how the undergarments are made nowadays. And you don't want any nipple action distracting you when you're trying to concentrate on bus wrecks and the like. But you also don't want to see what looks like a piece of cardboard protruding from a women's blouse. If ya have to cover the nip, just wear the jacket.

  • Speaking of which, quit fucking smiling at my ass all the time when you're telling me that the weather is gonna suck dick the next few days. If it's gonna be bad you should be flogging yourself with a rope, or threatening to kill yourself with a 9mm. Don't look at me with your pearly whites flashing on the screen and tell me I have to drive in the rain. You should kamikaze yourself on the doppler radar.


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