Friday, November 17, 2006

Can Dogs Smell Cancer... debatable. I witnessed it last night. No one else did. My brothers dog is a young golden, very friendly. Likes to be rubbed and stroked. But at one point, which no one else really picked up on, she put her snoot right in my crotch and just kept sniffing. I shooed her away, but I knew what she was nasalizing. Funny how that works. So a forewarning. If you have a dog that starts sniffing on some part of your body, don't slack it off as just dog kinda shit. There may be something to it. This is my Public Service Announcement for the month.


Blogger hammer said...

Goldens always go for the crotch no matter what.

Seriously, if a dog can smell an ounce of MJ wrapped in 18 plastic bags and stuffened into a sealed gas tak filled with gas and capped off, they can probably detect anything.

From what I understand that even the most normal house pet pooch has 6000 times the nasal acuity of a human.

4:42 AM  

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