Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There's A Bad Bouillabaisse...

...simmering on the stove. I fear it will turn into a gourmands cesspool. First off, we have this congressional homoerectus scandal. Why anyone has their ire up about this is beyond my comprehension. As if an individaul is supposed to suppress their wanton inclinations just because they hold a seat in Congress. Ripe young loins begging for attention, triggering constant salivating. The crises of the various and sundry problems facing the House be damned. He will get in those knickers. I smell some bad clams in this recipe.

Then there's the rotten tomatoes trying to ruin the feast, threatening to boycot the funerals of the poor little girls killed in the Amish school. It's protected under freedom of speech. God doesn't do tomatoes. Sorry chef.

And L'il Kim over in North Gonorrhea is threatening to light up the skies. We'll sit back and watch in passive amazement. Because we bought some bad lobster. The Chinese, however, have some white rice and broccoli steaming on the griddle. I think they'll win the food war. Jesus was a Jew. No shellfish.

I am particularly sickened by all these events. Just FUCK!! In the first instance all that will happen is a few heads might roll, but nothing more than that. The dickhead took the easy way out and claimed he was drunk. Hell, I'm that way all the time and the only thing I violate is my hand. The second instance, if I were an Amish, would be to bear arms and shoot all the assholes that even tried to do that. And in the last case, just load up the plane and get it over with. Enough of this shit. It's Iron Chef time. I got spices to add...


Blogger scalpel said...

If you prepared that wonderful dish in the picture, props to you. Wonderful presentation.

2:07 PM  
Blogger GalacticallyStupid said...

Wish I could take credit for it, Doc, but alas I have no talent in that regard, or any other, for that matter...

2:16 PM  

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