Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Am By Far...

...not a medical person. I know what an AA is and it will kill your ass dead in seconds. I know what a pnuemothorax is. I know the first signs of a heart attack. I take my blood pressure and know that if it's above a certain level I should be concerned. I know that if you don't pass urine at specific times your kidneys will fail. I know that taking acetaminophen in large quantities will render your liver into my grandmas recipe of liver and bacon.
But there are psychological instances where certain things happen. For example, take the phrase "that makes me just wanna shit." That's exactly what we do. Outside influences wage war on our innards, our brains and gastrointestinal organs and we deficate to get rid of it.

Don't tell me you've never experienced it. It's human nature. That's how the phrases came about. There are similiar phrases; "You make me wanna puke; you make me wanna kill you; you make me wanna drop my pants... Well, you get the point...


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