Saturday, October 14, 2006

Class, Just Sit In Your Seats...

...and listen. This woman is a candidate for the Senate from the state of Florida. She determined the outcome for the 2000 Presidential campaign. Well, her and the Supreme Court. She then went and had herself all tupperwared. I still want to have sex with her just so I can see what it's like to be esconced in Saran Wrap. Kinda like a snare drum, I suspect.

But I have fooled you. This isn't about plastic containers or sex. It's about Nietzsche. I hear the drone of suspicion. So shut the hell up before I start beating you down with my ruler.

Nietzsche declared god dead back in the 1800's. Time magazine was a few decades late. Nietzsche espoused narcissism, which declares that if there is no god, then man becomes the ultimate diety, and raw power ensues from that espousal. And from that comes nothing but bad shit.

That's pretty much the way it has worked. But there's a rub in this. I'm not a particularly religious person, but I am spiritual. But I'm not going to make a statement like this lady did, when she said that if you vote democratic you are voting for sin. Hell, I like sin. Makes me feel human. My point here is that you should always be suspect of people, in whatever venue, that proclaim to be 'Christian', because chances are they are wolves in sheep clothing.

I have to run. The've issued a frost warning here and they said you should get your plants in. All I have outside are some towels I washed last night, but I don't want them to die tonight. I am, afterall, well, not much of nothing. But I know bullshit when I see it.


Anonymous Hammer said...

That picture looks like she just got a tussle in the sack.

1:56 AM  
Blogger GalacticallyStupid said...

I volunteer...

1:37 AM  
Blogger Jean said...


10:18 PM  

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