Saturday, September 16, 2006

We Are Well Liked...

...around the world. That's why Cuba is hosting a 'convention' of 118 countries that plan on planting their boots in our ass. They plan on ranting and raving about all the atrocities we commit around the globe and how our society has degenerated into hedonism. Hmmm, I have a suggestion. I didn't know there were 118 countries in the world, but if so, I'm sure we've helped most of them at some point in time. So next time some of these dickheads need some help, let's just say NOOOOOOO. We'll turn isolationist and let them deal with it. Of course we'll be cursed again, which seems to lead me to my next point. Don't wake up Mon - Thurs and kick me in the nuts and then wake up on Friday with a sore leg and ask for help. Ain't gonna happen, asswipe...


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