Monday, October 30, 2006

Just Some Things Floating Around... the mental soup that make me want to curl up in the fetal position and suck the thumb I just pulled outta my butthole.

  • I hate political races as much as I hate bleeding hemmorhoids. If you're running for some sort of office, and YOU are in the add, then don't tell me at the end of its airing that you approved it. I can pretty much figure that out. It's as overused as the people that call Limbaugh and rattle "mega dittos, Rush".

  • So Friday, the price of oil went up around 50 cents because of poor economic numbers and lower stockpiles. Today it fell $2.39 because of poor economic numbers and increased inventory. HUH? Did we hit a gusher over the weekend that I missed?

  • It appears the food police have handcuffs in hand and are prowling New York City and other areas so they can corral the murderous thugs that add trans fat to your food. We all know it's not good to eat it and it'll clog up your arteries and other shit. But we need to pass laws to do this? Now KFC has decided it will eliminate all TFA's from their chicken, which is so hormone laden that the fat is the least of your worries. I can't remember the last time I had KFC, but it was always yummy to my tummy. I do, in fact, check the TRA's of the food I buy, and I look for zero. But I'm a cancer patient. But if you were to bring a breast over tonight and some mashed potato's and gravy, I'm in. Oh, and you can bring a chicken breast as well.

  • As I posted earlier, the nephew got home today. I wish it could have been that way for all that served there. Unfortunately, life isn't that way. But I am getting overly troubled by the way this whole thing has been handled. It gets worse by the day, so it's time for some decisions over there. I will continue to support the soldiers over there, but I won't support the war. If I come across a site that is involved with helping those that come home, then I will post it and ask that you give. I always do. If my nephew goes back in March then I will be really pissed. We should be out by then. If you have any sons or daughters over there at the moment, my heart goes out to you. It seems to get increasingly out of control.

  • I am profoundly bemused by all the recent blogs by women that confide that they have found their dream man, because the said man was able to hang in there and deal with her shit, or the others that expound what the men in their life must comply with to get to dip the wick. They are both like a job applications. "We are going through some restructuring here, but if you can hang in there for a few months, we may have a position for you." I'll have to check the books, but it's possible you might fit into the picture." "Have you ever stolen any tools? If so, what did you do to rectify the situation? Are you tidy? We don't tolerate untidy here. Do you close the restroom door when you defecate? We have a rule here that states it's mandatory. Will you sign this thirty page affadavit that says you will be solely responsible for all complaints I render against you when I tire of your ass and realize I made another mistake? What happened to spontaneity? That look in an eye. That first hello. That first stroke of the face. The fingers through the hair. It just seems all contrived now. You have to meet all these prerequisites. Romance is lost and now it's like opening a bank account. You have to be vested. Makes no sense to my ass.

    I would like to add more to this. You will find all sorts of men you will connect with. But if you honestly think they will satisfy the side of you that counts, you are most likely mistaken. Some have a special continence that supersedes that and can fullfil what your needs are. Just a forewarning.

  • I ran across a site tonight about a woman that was diagnosed with breast cancer. I forgot to bookmark the site, but she has become my new hero. She's a single Mom and her employer fired her when she started chemo. The chemo was a nightmare and so was reconstruction. She doesn't post much, for obvious reasons, but if I can retrieve the link I'll post it and add it to the sidebar. Her courage is worthy of emulating and her sense of humor is splendid. If you know who she is, lemme know.


Blogger Jean said...

Romance is not dead for all of us gals... just a hard balance with trying not to make another painful mistake.

11:27 AM  

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